Monday, January 26, 2009


I was tagged by my internet friend MaryBeth over at: She tagged me a looong time ago, and I'm just now sitting down to do this. Sorry MB!! I'm to go to my 5th folder in my pictures file and select the 5th picture and tell you about it. Here it is:

This is my sweet Ellie, around 18 months, when she was just getting into wearing any jewelry she could find. She was so excited to get a necklace and a matching bracelet that she wore them both for days. Looking back over all the pictures was amazing. I can't believe that my little 2 lb babies are 2 1/2 and are doing so well. They never stop talking and making up stories. They love the fort we made this weekend and kept pretending that the Big Bad Wolf or Swiper was coming to chase them. Amazing little minds.
In other news, I will be going back to work full time next week. Jack and I decided that with the nature of this market and with him being in mortgages, that it was best to have some security until (hopefully) this economy sorts itself out. I have two girls who will alternate days taking care of the kids at our house. We are also seriously contemplating getting an aupair, so if any of you have advice about aupairs, please, please, please share!!!

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MaryBeth said...

So glad you played along and had fun looking back through your pictures... it is amazing how much they have grown and changed, isn't it?

Best of luck with the full time work. I imagine an au pair would be great!