Sunday, April 27, 2008

Get out of the house NOW....

Thank you to those of you who left comments. I found out about some more blogs to read too!

We got our carpets cleaned yesterday! Gone is all the baby vomit in the family room and in the playroom. I scheduled it after their nap time and knew that we wouldn't be able to be on it for 7 hours after. My "plan" was (plan is in quotes because with 3 20-month olds, I "plan" a lot and only half the time is my "plan" able to be completed) to take them outside and play for a couple hours and then come in, have dinner and play upstairs til bedtime. Well, Colorado weather came upon us and decided to snow. It was a cold, blowy day and although there wasn't much snow, it was waaaaay too cold to go outside. After 2 hours of playing upstairs, which included throwing whatever they could over the railing to the carpet cleaning man downstairs, the kids were done with being inside and literally, all 3 had meltdowns. I told Jack that we had to "GET OUT NOW!"

Where else to go but the mall? I thought we would have been the only people in Denver at the mall on a Saturday evening. Nooooooo, it looked like Christmas. Totally packed. We let them walk off some energy and fed them dinner at the food court. I never thought I'd feed my babies at a food court, but we had to abandon ship pretty quickly and I wasn't able to gather some healthy food. They had chicken nuggets, but the real kind where you can actually see the striations in the meat...not that you want to hear about chicken meat striations.

Anyway, they enjoyed getting out. AND, I walked past this lady and immediately recognized her. She was my nurse in the hospital after I had the kids. Kathy M. was my favorite and it was great to see her and talk to her again. We planned for me to take the kids to the hospital when she is there and then go visit the NICU. We haven't seen the NICU in well over a year.

Ellie's new favorite words are: "wishies" for the fishies that she saw at the acquarium and "wuzzy wawa" for the sparkling water that Mommy drinks.

Liam LOVES to point out colors. His favorites are: yellow and green and you can bet that he stopped at every window in the mall to point out the different color clothes. Important distinction...he wasn't pointing out the clothes, just the colors. :)

Lily made me laugh so hard, I cried. With the most recent big snow, a couple weeks ago, we made a snowman. Lily just sat and watched and really looked at it a little blank until I put in the eyes, nose and mouth. She bolted up, walked up really close and said, "HI!" She was waving and laughing and actually talking to this snowman, or "noman" as she calls him. She had found her match and was in love. The next day, she came down the stairs and was calling for "noman." Out the window, she watched him topple over in the morning sun. "OH NO!" "Noman-Noman!" She was distraught. Had I known the trauma watching her snowman would have brought, I would have spared her from seeing him fall over. She began crying. My Mom and I were dying laughing, but we couldn't let her see our laughter in her time of mourning. All day long, she would frequently return to the same dialogue.."Oh no! Noman agone!" That incident was about 2 weeks ago and she still periodically will run to the front windows and remember her friend.

Left Pic...Lily and her accessories
Right Pic...Ellie (sorry it is a fuzzy pic...a new camera is on my bday list)

Left pic...Liam on a tractor at a friend's farm
Right pic...Poking at "noman" with sticks. Why this didn't bring tears to Lily, I'm not sure.

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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Just Curious.....

I'm just curious about who is reading this blog. I see people from all different places around the world and I would love to know who you are and how you ended up on this blog. I get a few comments here and there from friends but who else is out there reading?

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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Summer, then Winter

The saying in Colorado is, "If you don't like the weather, wait a day." At least, it is something like that. Early this week, temperatures climbed up into the lower 80's. By Wednesday afternoon, it was snowing. Just like that, this morning, we woke up to about 1 1/2 inches on the ground. It gave us some good snowman building time though! Anyway, when temps were warm, we played outside and the kids got their first taste of a popsicle and LOVED it! I included some pics. Please forgive the wild hair on the kids. The cold front was coming and it was super windy outside. :)

First pic...L-R: Liam, Lily and Ellie
Second pic...L-R: Ellie, my Mom, Liam and Lily

First pic...Ellie in her shades.
Second pic...Lily in her shades. She wore them all day, including in the car and all
through Target.

Liam's shades.

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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Molly and Josh

Well, it finally happened. My sister, Molly, and her boyfriend, Josh, are engaged!! Wooohooo! Our family has loved Josh since we first met him and are so happy for them.

He had planned with my parents to have a surprise engagement party last night at their house. Nothing huge, just Molly's close friends, our fmaily and Josh's family. He said that he was so excited all week and just hoped that Friday would come quickly. He told Molly that he wanted to go to an Angel's game at first. Then, just to mix it up, he told her that they should leave work a little early and go on a bike ride. My sister lives near the beach, so that was a logical place for a bike ride. She was laughing when she told this story to me last night. She was on her bike in front of Josh and he called for her to stop because something flew off his bike. She didn't belive that something "flew" off his bike, because as she put it, that is random. He confirmed that yes, "a bolt or something flew off my bike." She stopped, got off her bike and was looking on the ground for the mysterious bolt. Then, he asked her. She didn't remember anything he said and asked him, but he couldn't remember either.

I haven't see the ring yet, given that I'm in Denver and my whole family is in Southern California. She said that it is a platinum band with a round diamond and 3 smaller diamonds on the side.

I LOVE weddings and love them so much more when I'm a part of it but not actually planning it. That was a big enough job.

I'll leave you with a picture of the cute litlle couple. This was taken in Hawaii when my whole family went on a vacation. We actually thought he'd propose there...

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New Look

Thanks to Jennisa, this blog got a much needed makeover. She is awesome! Check out her link on the bottom right hand side of my blog.

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