Friday, March 13, 2009


I'm behind, I know. We've been hit by this economy and well, blogging hasn't been on my "To Do" list. Jack's had a job change and praise God! He was only out of work for 3 days before he found another job. We saw his lay-off coming, so I started back to work full time at the end of January. Now, we are a double income family, paying childcare, which almost defeats the purpose of me working, but not entirely.

I miss being ith my babies so much it hurts. Neither Jack nor I had ever wanted me to work outside the home, except for maybe a day. At least we are on the same plan to get me back home with the kids as soon as possible. Right now, we have a wonderful woman watching the kids in our home and we are planning on getting an AuPair for the next year or so.

The kids are growing more and more each day. Sometimes I look at them and get a flash of what they will look like in Kindergarten. I'm excited to watch them grow and learn, but at the same time, I want my babies to stay my babies.

They love playing hide-and-seek and will start up a game together at random times throughout the day. The other day, I told Liam to go hide and he said, "But I cannot go hide." Why? "Because Lily can't count." Okay. That actually makes some sense. At that time, Lily was walking around the house covering her eyes and yelling for Liam to go hide.

I'll post again as I can find some time, but for now, here's a picture from December 2008. I have some more, but my computer is getting fixed. I'll post more soon.

(Left-Right): Liam, Ellie, Lily

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