Sunday, July 1, 2007

The Fun Never Stops

These babies keep getting more fun each day. While ready for them to go to bed every night, I can't wait to see their little faces in the morning.

Everyday, they are noticing each other more and interacting all the time. They will all be crawling on the floor and then two of them will just stop, crawl toward each other and laugh. Then, when they've had enough, they continue on their way. Often, I've seen one apporach another and lick/suck on the forhead. That erupts in laughter on both sides. Funny how such a small little person can understand what is funny to them. Even funnier is when I find something that just cracks them up and then I try again later when Jack is home and they stare at me like I'm crazy.

I found Lily on the third step of our stairs today. I didn't know that she could crawl up there on her own. Time for gate #5, I guess. Ellie today decided that she wanted some Mexican food and grabbed my whole taco and tried to shove it in her face. Good thing she didn't make it because that guac was spicy! I did rip off some small pices of chicken for her and rather than wasting time takin git from my hand, she'd just reach out and shove my fist into her face to get it. She ended up eating more of my chicken from the taco and some of the tortilla. That's my girl!!!
Liam is just a love and lights up when he gets free reign of the downstairs and is able to pull himself wherever he wants to!

My next big step with this crew is moving from three naps to two naps. The girls, I think could do it after a couple of hard days, but Liam loves, and desperately, needs his sleep. Maybe he gets more tired from fending off his sisters all day. Once they are sleeping past 5:30am, I'll begin to push them to stay awake until 9am.

This week, we are planning to have a playdate with three other moms and their triplets. It is always a fun time to chat with each other and watch the kids interact. Hopefully everyone will be able to come. It is hard to schedule 12 infants to get together and not have anyone sick! I'll post a picture or two, if I remember to take one. =)