Thursday, May 10, 2007

No More Swaddles!!!!

The babies are almost 9 months old and we've, well, I've decided not to swaddle anymore. They all are WAY too big and can wiggle out of it before I'm out the door. Swaddling has become a hassle for us all. So, as of last night, no swaddle. Ellie fell asleep right away and Liam tried, bless his heart. Princess Lily screamed for 90 minutes and kept Liam up. We took Lily out and put her in the Pack-n-Play in the guest room. Onece she was in there, Liam fell fast asleep and Lily continued to cry for a little bit longer. Then, silence!!!!!! They all slept through the night! Woooohoooo! This first nap today started out great. They all fell asleep within 15 minutes. Then, they all woke up after 1 hour. Lily cried for 30 minutes and Ellie moaned for a little while. Liam, fell right back asleep. I'm trying to keep them on schedule as much as possible, so they can stay in their cribs until nap time is over, which is in about 20 minutes from now. Poor babies. They will be happier not being swaddled in about a week when they are used to it. It is just getting too hot to be wrapped up in a blanket plus PJs.
They all had a speech evaluation yesterday. She wasn't concerned and they are going to get a recheck in 3 months.
Ellie is starting to crawl and Lily isn't too far behind her! Time to babyproof!!!!