Sunday, June 22, 2008

Cameras, Diapers, Talking and Pee

I've slacked a little on this blog. We've had some wireless internet problems so my computer, with all the pictures and everything was pretty much unusable.

I recently got a new camera! Before the babies were born, Jack and I bought a video recorder that also took still pictures. It was great for the birth and for their time as infants when they just sat there. The problem was there was a slight delay when I tried to take a regular picture. Plus, it was big and difficult to carry around. Now that they are moving at lightning speed, I would aim, press the button and look at the picture. Often it was half of a face, if I was lucky, or more likely, nothing at all. So, I'm pretty happy with this new one that is just a bit bigger than my cell phone.

In other news, they've figured out how to remove their diapers. I'm in a Yahoo support group for women with triplets who are similar in age. Recently, a woman posted asking for advice on how to prevent her triplets from taking their diapers off. I half snickered because "oh, mine haven't done THAT yet. I must be in the clear." Whever you think that, triplets or not, watch out. The other day, I was in the kitchen unloading the dishwasher and Ellie came running in saying something like, "diaper off." No, I thought, but I looked down and sure enough, she was diaperless and elated with herself. We all went on a diaper hunt and Lily came up with the missing diaper. Then, last night, about an hour after Jack and I had said "goodnight," Lily started crying the "hurt cry." I went up and her little leg was stuck in the railings, her diaper was lying on the other side of the crib and there was a big went spot on her crib sheet. Dang! She had taken off her pajama pants, taken off her diaper, peed on her bed and then gotten her leg stuck. I've heard all the tricks...duct tape the diaper on, put the diaper on backward, put zip-up jammies on backward. Anyone have some others? Because it is summer and it is hot, the duct tape diaper may become a reality over here or maybe we'll just potty train and day goodbye to diapers! Right.

Within the past couple months, there has been a total language explosion over here and as a speech therapist (in my past life), I couldn't be happier. Ellie is using 3-4 words, Lily has 2 word phrases pretty solid and Liam has 2 and is even getting in 3words sometimes. I love this age. I've loved them at all ages, of course, but now, I'm getting sleep, they are a little more independent and they can understand and talk.

Jack had a "conversation" last night with Lily. A conversation, to my knowledge, hasn't happened before. Ellie was crying outside with me (well, I wasn't crying) in a time out while Lily and Liam had been cleaned of sand and were inside. Lily walked up to Jack and said, "Ellie crying." Jack acknowledged that yes, Ellie was sad. He asked, "Why is she crying?" Lily responded with, "Hit Mommy, never." Jack affirmed that she was right and she is never to hit Mommy. We are impressed with our children. Seriously though, they haven't been alive 2 years yet and their abilities just amaze me. I'm constantly trying to up the ante with them, so that I don't come to have low expectations with them. We love watching these 3 little people grow into bigger people and are so blessed to be able to see it happen everyday.

We have started to develop an interest in the potty. Every time I go, they run to their potties and ask that their diapers be taken off. So far, Ellie has peed twice, Lily once and I don't think that Liam quite "gets it." He enjoys being "nakie" so he's pretty content when his diaper is off. Ellie does get it. She tries and tries to go pee and her little face gets red with the pressure that she's exerting. After the fact, she jumps up, looks in her toilet and is just tickled to death with her accomplishment. I'm definitely not beginning serious potty training at 22 months, but why not encourage their curiosity? Maybe it will make the whole process easier if it is something that they want to do, rather than something that I'm making them do. My goal is for them to be potty trained by 3. That goal gives me, well, them, 26 months to get used to the potty. Until then, diapers are pretty convenient. I can do anything I need to do, go on errands, go to the park or the zoo, without bringing a potty or constantly scouting out the closest bathroom.

As for our summer plans, we are staying here in Denver until the middle of August, when we take our annual big trip to Southern California to be with my family. We have some visitors coming this summer, so that should break up the coming months a bit.

As always, I will leave you with some pictures.

We went to the zoo with a friend of mine and her daughter, Hannah, who is in the 4th car and only 4 days younger than Ellie, Lily and Liam.

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