Friday, August 3, 2007

Almost 1 Year Old! Where Has the Time Gone?

I can't believe that Jack and I have survived the first year of triplets. I think that after talking to people, I was prepared for much worse, but then, I don't really remember the first couple months, so maybe they were really bad.

It is a blast now. Not any easier, but different than before. At the beginning, we were worried about them stopping breathing while they ate, or were they getting enough oxygen at night. Now, I'm worried when they are all quiet or they have disappeared.

In the last 2 weeks, they have all learned to climb stairs and as every parent knows, kids learn to go up (pulling to stand, climbing, etc) before they figure out how to get back down.

A couple days ago, all was quiet downstairs and I heard Lily and Ellie laughing with each other. I was feeding Liam and the girls were out of sight, but I heard banging and knew that they were playing on the floor behind the couch. Well, I thought I knew. Within seconds, I heard a huge BANG and then the follow-up cry from Lily. She had fallen off the bottom couple stairs face first onto the hardwood floors. I looked for Ellie and saw her just 2 stairs from the top! She did that fast!!! The gate for the bottom of the stairs has been ordered.

Funny story... I had to take the kids to the allergist so I could get my shots. They do really well there and the nurses love to see them. I had them in the triple stroller, where they sit one behind the other...Liam in front (because he reaches forward and pulls the hair of the sister sitting in front of him) , Ellie in the middle and Lily in the back. Liam had a paci in his mouth and turned sideways to look at the nurses. Ellie looked forward, noticed the paci in her brother's mouth and within seconds had pulled herself forward in her seat with her right hand and reached over the seat with her left hand and snagged the paci out of his mouth. Immediately, she stuck it in his mouth and Liam was left looking aroudn trying to figure out what had just happened.

Bit of advice...We recently returned home from a trip to California to visit my family. We flew and decided to get 4 tickets and hold one baby on our laps. DO NOT DO THIS! Get a seat for your baby. The babies in the carseats did well and actually slept, but it was constant action for both me and Jack with the lap baby. So, just suck it up and get another seat.

This post is getting rather long. I won't wait another month and will post soon.